Chul 'Eddy' Chung
Postdoctoral scientist
Email (W):
Voice (W): (858) 822-1356
FAX (W): (858) 534-7452

Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate
Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate (C4)

Mailing address:
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego
Center for Atmospheric Sciences (Mail code 0221) 9500 Gilman drive
La Jolla, CA. 92093

Ph. D. : University of Maryland

Meteorology (1993-1999)
B. S. : Seoul National University
Atmospheric Sciences (1988-1993)

Current Research Interests:
GCM output analysis
Developing pattern-analysis tool
Interaction between wind, pollution and health
Fluctuation free mean state
ENSO prediction


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Chul Chung was born in Kwangwon-do, South Korea, on January, 24, 1970, and soon moved to Seoul, where he spent most of his boyhood. He received elementary education in Yongsan School, Kosack School and Songjon School, and finished higher education in Shinchon Middle School and Yongdong High School. He then entered Seoul National University in 1988. He showed interest/talent in object analysis at the age 6 by asking mom where the tab water originates from. His environment including his mother was never helpful in satisfying his curiousity, which instigated philosophical thinking on various topics. His independence was seemingly formed this way, and got strengthened as he grew up.

  • Ph.D. dissertation advisor: Dr. Sumant Nigam

  • AWARD:

  • 1996: Traveling scholarship for the workshop on "El Niño, Southern Oscillation and Monsoon" held at the ITCP, Italy, by the UNESCO during 15-26 July, 1996.

  • 1994-1997: NASA Graduate Student Fellowship in Global Change Research (NASA reference #: 3817-GC94-0205).
  • Main Publications: