CAS Seminar Series on Atmospheric Science

The new seminar and some reminders as well will be advertised on this e-mail list.
Additional special seminars will also be posted here.
And finally, recent updates of the WWW pages will also be reported on this list.
Any suggestions are welcome : please contact Chris Weaver or Remy Roca.
Send mail to "listserv@sio" and include this line in the body of the message:
subscribe user_address cas_seminar
subscribe cas_seminar
You will then receive an e-mail, saying that you have been correctly registered, like this one:
'' was ADDED to the 'cas_seminar' mailing list.
In case of trouble, please contact Chris Weaver

Volunteers are always welcome ! To propose a seminar, please contact Chris Weaver or Remy Roca.

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