CAS Seminar Series on Atmospheric Science

(the seminar marked with a * are jointly sponsored by SIO209 Global warming : Scientific Basis Lectures)

Upcoming seminars

for the 1998 Spring quarter

Thursday 14th May 1998

Cloud-Radiation Effects in Climate: Models and Observations*

by Professor Richard Somerville


    Friday 15 th May 1998

Reflection of Planetary waves in three-dimensional tropospheric flows

by Professor Gudrun Magnusdottir

UC Irvine

Thursday 21st May 1998

Detection of the Anthropogenic Signal: Have we Seen the Warming?*

By Dr. Tim Barnett


Tuesday 26th May 1998

A Check-up for the Planet From Space*

by Dr. Yoram Kaufman

Thursday 4th June1998

Public Policy Issues*

By Dr. Edward Frieman


Friday 5th June 1998

Extratropical Oceanic Cloud Radiative Forcing

    by Dr. Christopher P. Weaver


Volunteers are always welcome ! To propose for a seminar, please contact Chris Weaver or Remy Roca.

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