C4 External Advisory Panel Meeting
Wednesday, November 17,1999
Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego


"Bulk and Size Segregated Aerosols: Continental Impacts"
Willnetta Ball, Russell R. Dickerson, Jeffrey W. Stehr, Bruce Doddridge and Theresa Miller

"Aerosol Surface Radiative Forcing in the Visible:
Results from KCO for 1998 and 1999"
William C. Conant and V. Ramanathan

"Real Time Monitoring of Single Aerosol Particles during INDOEX-IFP 99"
Sergio A. Guazzotti, Keith R. Coffee and Kimberly A. Prather

"Multiple Stable Oxygen Isotopic Studies of Sulfate and Hydrogen Peroxide
Collected from Rain Water: A New Way to Investigate In-situ S(IV) Oxidation
Chemistry by Dissolved H2O2 in Aqueous Solution"
Charles Lee, Joel Savarino, Mark Thiemens

"Regional Distribution of Aerosols over Indian Ocean"
K. Rajeev and V. Ramanathan

"Aerosols over the Tropical Indian Ocean: Observations from KCO"
S.K. Satheesh and V. Ramanathan

"Observations of CO and O3 from the Ronald H. Brown during INDOEX"
Jeffrey W. Stehr, Willnetta Ball, Russell R. Dickerson and Bruce G. Doddridge

"Aerosol Optical Depths over the Indian Ocean during INDOEX"
William R. Tahnk and James A Coakley, Jr.

"On the Heat Balance in the Warm Pool Atmosphere"
Baijun Tian, Guang Zhang and V. Ramanathan

"Thermodynamic Forcing of Tropical Monsoon Clouds over the Indian Ocean"
Eric M. Wilcox and V. Ramanathan

"Application of a Size-Resolved Aerosol Model in the NCAR Community Climate Model"
Yiping Zhang and Phil Rasch

"Dynamical Modeling of Cirrus Cloud Characteristics"
Dance Zurovac-Jevtic and Guang Zhang