Harmonizing Aerosol Physical
and Chemical Properties Workshop
November 18-19, 1999
Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate, (C4)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego

(Provided by email from Prof. Tony Clarke, November 4, 1999)


Trish Quinn - R/V Ronald H. Brown chemistry sampling
Glen Cass group ? - KCO chemistry and organic sampling
Dennis Savoie - KCO Ions Sampling
Kim Prather - KCO mass spec chemistry
Andi Andreae - C130 Ions
Tica Novakov - C130 OC/EC

OPTICS (J. Ogren)

Anne Jefferson - Scattering absorption-KCO
John Ogren - Scattering absorption-KCO
Hal Maring - Scattering absorption-KCO
A. Jayaraman - ORV Sagar Kanya optics
Trish Quinn - Scattering absorption R/V Ronald H. Brown


Tim Bates - R/V Ronald H. Brown size sampling
Glen Cass group ? - KCO size data
Steve Howell - C130 onboard size sampling
Darrell Baumgardner - C130 In-Situ wing probe data
Jim Anderson - C130 Electron Microscope data

Posted: November 5, 1999