INDOEX Publications

In general, these reports consist of peer reviewed journal articles and publications by national INDOEX project offices and the International INDOEX Project Office. The only exceptions are documents published by C4 on field experiments conducted by C4 (i.e. the Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment (CEPEX) and INDOEX).

#1 McFarquhar, G., J.P. Chen, C. Volpe and A. Thakur. INDian Ocean EXperiment: A preliminary survey of available observations of atmospheric chemistry over the Indian Ocean region. October 1994. C4 publication #125.

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#5 Jayaraman, A., D. Lubin, S. Ramachandran, V. Ramanathan, E. Woodbridge, W. Collins and K.S. Zalpuri. Direct Observations of Aerosol Radiative Forcing Over the Tropical Indian Ocean during the Jan-Feb 1996 Pre-INDOEX Cruise, J. Geophys. Res., 103(D12), 13827-13836, 1998. C4 publication #180.

#6 Krishnamurti, T.N., B. Jha, P.J. Rasch and V. Ramanathan. A High Resolution Global Reanalysis Highlighting the Winter Monsoon, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 64:123-150, 1997. C4 publication #181.

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#12 Results of Pre-INDOEX Cruise #109 of ORV Sagar Kanya, Proceedings of National Workshop on INDOEX. INDOEX India Project Office, New Delhi. August 1996.

#13 Krishna Moorthy, K., S.K. Satheesh and B.V. Krishna Murthy. Results on Aerosol Characteristics over Tropical Indian Ocean During the INDOEX Pre-Campaign Cruise #109 of ORV Sagar Kanya. INDOEX India Project Office, New Delhi. August 1997.

#14 Results of Pre-INDOEX Cruise #120 of ORV Sagar Kanya, Summary of Presentations to National Steering Committee, INDOEX India. INDOEX India Project Office, New Delhi. August 1997.

#15 INDOEX: 1998 Campaign, Experiment Design Document, INDOEX 1998 First Field Phase. JOSS/UCAR. October 1997.

#16 Preliminary Results of INDOEX-India First Field Phase 1998 Campaign. INDOEX India Project Office, New Delhi. June 1998.

#17 Li-Jones, X. What Has Been Learned From INDOEX? Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate, June 1998. C4 publication #198.

#18 INDOEX Workshop Meeting Notes, Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 20-28, 1998. INDOEX International Project Office, La Jolla. July 1998.

#19 Nguyen, H.V., S.M. Bhandari, A. Jayaraman, V. Ramanthan, L.V.G. Rao, S.T. Rupert, G. Viswanathan, S.F. Williams and K.S. Zalpuri. INDOEX 1998 First Field Phase, Operations Summary. INDOEX International Project Office, August 1998. C4 publication #201.

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#44 Mandal, T.K., D. Kley, H.G.J. Smit, S.K. Srivastava, S.K. Peshin and A.P. Mitra. Vertical distribution of ozone over the Indian Ocean (15ON-20OS) during First Field Phase INDOEX-1998. Current Science, 76(7): 938-943, April 10, 1999.

#45 Gupta, P.K., R.C. Sharma, S. Koul, D.C. Parashar, T.K. Mandal and A.P. Mitra. Study of trace gas species including greenhouse gases over the Indian Ocean during INDOEX precampaign cruises of 1996, 1997 and 1998 on Sagar Kanya. Current Science, 76(7): 944-946, April 10, 1999.

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