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January 27, 1997

We hope your new year is going well!  

In this January 1997's newsletter, you will find the following:
- a summary of the recent INDOEX meetings in New Delhi and Goa, 
- future C4 meetings with the External Advisory Panel 
      and NSF Site Reviewers,
- notes about visitors and new employees at C4,  
- education updates, and 
- conference information.  


**Strong Commitment from Indian Scientists and Government**
Seventeen members of the US-INDOEX Group attended an INDOEX International 
Workshop in New Delhi from January 3-6, 1997 at the National Physical Laboratory 
(NPL) in New Delhi.  They viewed the inauguration of India's national INDOEX program 
and participated in an open exchange of ideas and scientific results with INDOEX scientists 
from France, Germany, India, the Maldives and Sweden.  The meeting was a complete 
success thanks to the strong representation of Indian scientists from various institutions and 
to a strong endorsement for INDOEX from the Indian government, as expressed by Dr. 
Katuri Rangan, Chairman of the Department of Space.  In addition to participating fully in 
the international INDOEX project via their national program, India will provide Insat data 
as needed for INDOEX.

**1998 Full Rehearsal for INDOEX**
A subgroup of seven US personnel attended another workshop at the National Institute of 
Oceanography (NIO) in Goa from January 8-9, 1997.  These US scientists collaborated 
with Indian colleagues to plan the 1998 Indian Ocean cruise.  Currently, the ORV Sagar 
Kanya will depart Mormugao on 12 February 1998 and return on 31 March 1998, for a 
cruise of 47 days.  Ports of call will include Male, Maldives (2 days), and Port Louis, 
Mauritius (3 days).  US and European scientists are welcome aboard for this cruise.

**Full and Open Exchange of Data**
The cruise and the island stations will be described in detail in an INDOEX 1998 
Experimental Design Document (EDD-1988) which will be available for review by April 
15, 1997.  Another important component of the EDD will be a data protocol and 
management plan, currently being drafted by a working group to reflect the commitment of 
the participants in New Delhi and Goa to a full and open sharing of data collected during all 
phases of INDOEX.  The document will be compiled by Dr. Steve Williams and Dr. 
Richard Dirks at UCAR's Joint Office of Science Support.

**Widespread Interest from countries in the Indian Ocean Region**
Two members of the US Group, Professors V. Ramanathan and J. Prospero,  attended the 
South Asia START
Committee (SASCOM) on Mauritius on january 10-12 .  Scientists from Mauritius, India, 
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and South Africa also participated and expressed 
very strong interest in incorporating INDOEX into their regional aerosol programs.  Later, 
Prof. Prospero met Dr. Dirks in Male, Maldives to scout the sites for aircraft operations 
and the surface site.

 **Next International INDOEX Workshop Planned**
The INDOEX International Steering Committee met at NPL and decided to hold the next 
INDOEX workshop at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California from 
September 8-11, 1997.  This will be the tenth and final workshop, the capstone for a series 
of workshops dedicated to the planning of INDOEX which began with the February 1995 
workshop in Boulder, CO.

The C4 External Advisory Panel (EAP) will meet in at UCSD in La Jolla on January 30, 
1997.  Panel members who will attend include Drs. Robert E. Dickinson, Franco Einaudi, 
Kou-Nan Liou, John A. Ogren, David A. Randall (EAP Chairman) and Hilding Sundqvist.

NSF Site Reviewers will visit C4 in La Jolla on February 18 and 19, 1997.  C4 Principal 
Investigators, postdocs and students will also attend the meeting.

Prof. Paul Crutzen, recipient of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Director of the 
Department of Atmospheric Chemistry at the Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, 
will visit from February 3-March 7, 1997.  

Dr. Erwin Boer from Nissan Cambridge Basic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts will 
be working with Prof. Ramanathan on 3-D cloud modeling, from February 22-March 1, 

Dr. Jurgen M. Lobert, formerly with NOAA's Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics 
Laboratory, joined C4 on January 1, 1997.  He will coordinate the island station in Male 

Dr. Monica Hamolsky, Director of Teacher Training Program with the Stephen-Birch 
Aquarium and C4, recently received this encouraging note from Dr. Rick Tinnin at the 
University of Texas about the growing interest in "Forecasting the Future," a curriculum 
and classroom activity guide for grades 5-12.
>I am interested in obtaining bulk copies of "Forecasting the Future".  I
>direct the Marine Education Services Program for The University of Texas
>Marine Science Institute and currently host over 10,000 secondary
>students and over 1,200 classroom teachers each year through a visiting
>class and teacher workshop program.

>I  will host 2 TELLUS Global Change workshops here at my lab in Port Aransas
>and on South Padre Island this spring.
>I would be interested in obtaining copies of this publication to
>distribute at the global change workshops this spring and for possible
>re-sale in the visitors center store & gift shop that we also operate.
>This small store sells resource books, field guides and equipment,
>posters and T-shirts to the many students and teachers who visit the
>center each year.

(Courtesy Announcement)

The Indian Meteorological Society and other international meteorological organizations will 
host the conference, "Asian Monsoon and Pollution over the Monsoon Environment," from 
December 2-5, 1997 in New Delhi, India.  Please note the following deadlines: abstracts 
due (300 words max.) by March 31, communication of acceptance by May 15, and full 
papers due by July 31.

For details, please contact Prof. S. K. Dube, Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Indian 
Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016, INDIA, phone:  91-11-663642  
fax:  91-11-6862037   email:  skdube@cas.iitd.ernet.in