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July 26, 1996

We have a lot of talk about INDOEX!


The first International INDOEX workshop, hosted by Professor Robert
Sadourny, will be held in Paris at the Laboratoire de Meteorologie
Dynamique du CNRS, Ecole Normale Superieure, from September 9-11.
Invitations have been sent out over the email to the authors of the INDOEX
Whitepaper and other key PIs.  The second international INDOEX workshop,
organized by Dr. A.P. Mitra, will be held in India from December 16-19.


Dr. A. Jayaraman, visiting SIO from the Physical Research Laboratory in
Ahmedabad, hosted an informal meeting on July 19 to discuss aerosol
observations at his Lab in India and preliminary results on
aerosol-radiative forcing from the January 1996 INDOEX cruise.


C4 is now hosting a C4 Renewal Proposal meeting at the Scripps Institution
of Oceanography, La Jolla, California on July 25-26th.  Joining the C4-SIO
team are the "In-house" visitors include Profs. Paul Crutzen, James
Coakley, and Russ Dickerson; and Drs. Leo Donner, Andrew Heymsfield, Jeff
Kiehl and Philip Rasch; and UCSD and SIO "visitors" who have frequently
interacted with C4 include Profs. Mark Thiemens, Christopher Charles, Ralph
Keeling, Richard Somerville, and Martin Wahlen.  Topics under discussion
include strategic planning for C4 over the next six years.


Dr. Colin O'Dowd with the University of Manchester Institute of Science and
Technology presented "Aerosol Formation, Transformation, and Climate
Effects" on July 22.

Dr. Jurgen M. Lobert from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration's Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory in Boulder,
Colorado, presented "No, the Ocean is a Net Sink for Atmospheric Methyl
Bromide!" on July 23.

Dr. John N. Porter from the School of Ocean and Earth Science Technology at
the University of Hawaii presented "Deriving Aerosol Optical Properties
from Remote Sensing:  Various Approaches" on July 24.


Dr. Eric Woodbridge, C4 post-doc in atmospheric chemisty, left on July 12
to assist a local technology company in developing state-of-the-art laser
systems.  This was on the heel of the departure of another C4 post-doc, Dr.
Junyi Wang, who left in June for a lucrative post in an investment firm.
Last year, C4 exported Dr. Erwin Boer, a true blue genius in computer
programming who lead the development of the C4 Integrated Data System, to
Nissan Basic Research Center in Cambridge, MA.  C4 now has an impressive
porfolio in industrial outreach, reaching out to touch laser instruments,
the Wall Street, and future automobile design!

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