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April 23, 1996

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 10:59:30 -0800
Subject: Message from SIO Director Frieman

A new Center for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) is being established at Scripps
to foster fundamental research in physics, chemistry, and dynamics of the
atmosphere as it relates to other research activities within SIO.  The
formation of CAS is a natural evolution of recent efforts within SIO to
integrate oceanography with other important related branches of earth
sciences.  The emphasis will be on observations and integrating the
observations with theory and models.  The Center will strive for a balance
between fundamental process studies and problems dealing with long term
changes in the atmosphere.  In addition to welcoming interested Scripps
scientists, CAS will collaborate with outstanding international research
groups.  The Center will work with the Climate and Atmospheric Sciences
curricular group which was created last year to nurture a new generation of
students to address the fundamental problems in the area of global change.
Prof. V. Ramanathan will serve as the first Director for the new Center for
Atmospheric Sciences.

Edward A. Frieman

Dear Colleagues:

1) The US component of INDOEX proposal was sent yesterday to NSF, DOE and
NASA.  You should be getting a copy within a day or so. If you have not
received it by April 29th, please alert Hung and he will forward a copy to

First, I would like to thank all of you for your help in assembling the
proposal. It went through several revisions and I am grateful for your
patience in responding to our numerous requests for material, revisions,
etc, etc.

Second, Hung, Lennie and Erin deserve a round of applause from all of us.
Lennie, prepared the pre-galley version of the proposal and helped
tremendously in editing it and incorporating your changes. Hung had the
overall responsibility for it, including the budget part.

Well, I think the real work starts now for all of us.  We have to convince
and persuade our non-INDOEX colleagues that funding of INDOEX need not
impede progress in their projects.

2) Adrian Tuck, Jim Ragne (WB-57 pilot) amd Gus Emanuel(UCAR) are currently
on a site visit trip to Male and Seychelles.

Hope to see  you in Male on the evening of February 14, 1988 (if funded,
INDOEX will begin on Feb 15, 1988)

Cheers and regards,


INDOEX Data from CEPEX Analysis is Available
The reanalysis of INDOEX for the CEPEX period of the month DEC 1992
is finished. The output history tapes are available on the massstore
of the NCAR machine and are archived on the Hunstivile Cray YMP machine.
NCAR's massstore contains 21 days of analysis which can be accessed
by setting the path to msls -l /JHA/op,op1, op2 ..... op21.  Data is
available by individual dates (i.e.  op is the analysis of 1 Dec 1992, op1
is 2 Dec
1992, etc.)  Furthermore, the data was recorded at six hour intervals and
the files have been named accordingly (tp88.6hr, tp88.12hr, tp88.18hr
and tp.24hr).
If you have questions, please contact: BHASKAR@CLOUD3.MET.FSU.EDU
(Bhaskar Jha is a postdoc working with T.N. Krishnamurti at FSU)

SEMINARS SERIES on Excess Absorption at C4/SIO:
(Sponsored by C4 and SIO's Climate Research Division)

Mar 8, Prof. Petr Chylek, Atmospheric Group, Dalhousie University, Halifax:
"Black carbon and absorption of solar radiation by aerosols and clouds".

Mar 19, Prof. Roger Davies, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, University
Arizona, Tucson:  "Do solar photons live longer by slipping sideways
through clouds?"

Mar 21, Dr. Sean Twomey,  Tucson, Arizona: "Some basic considerations of
solar absorption in clouds".

Apr 3, F.P.J. Valero, Atmospheric Research Laboratory, SIO, UCSD:  "Latest
experimental results on Excess Absorption".

Apr 18, Dan Lubin of CalSpace/C4, SIO:  "Cloud Radiative Properties and
Possible Excess Absorption over the Central Arctic Ocean".

For more information, contact Andy Vogelmann at 

Jos Lelieveld of the University of Utrecht visited C4 during 3/31-4/5.
Paul Crutzen visited during  3/1-4/19.