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November 19, 1996


Thanks to general support from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New
Delhi, and the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa, several U.S.
scientists will collect data on Cruise #120 of the R/V Sagar Kanya from
December 27, 1996 - January 23, 1997.  Departing and returning to Marmugoa,
India, the ship will sail through the Central Indian Ocean and the Bay of
Bengal. Below is a list of the U.S. scientists and instruments involved in
this cruise.

Dr. D. Lubin,  Prof. V. Ramanathan, and W. Conant, C4/SIO
        Biospherical Instrument GUV-531 Radiometer
        Eppley Laboratory PSP Pyranometer
        Eppley Laboratory PSP Near-Infrared Pyranometer

Dr. G. Shaw and W. Cantrell, U. Alaska; and Dr. A. Heymsfield, NCAR
        CCN Spectrometer

Dr. M. Thiemens, and C. Lee, UCSD Chemistry and Biochemistry
        Sierra High Volume Aerosol Sampler (sulfates isostopes)

Dr. M. Wahlen, Dr. B. Deck and H.J. Smith, GRD/SIO
        High Volume Aerosol Sampler (Cl-)

Prof. V. Ramanathan, C4/SIO; Dr. A. Heymsfield, NCAR; and
   Dr. S. Raman, NC State Univ.
        A mobile CLASS Sounding System provided by NCAR Advanced
        Technology Division.


The next INDOEX Workshop will be convened by Dr. A. P. Mitra of the
National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Prof. Paul J. Crutzen of the Max-Planck
Institute for Chemistry, and Prof. V. Ramanathan, C4/SIO.  NPL will host the
event in New Delhi from January 3-7, 1997.  Key objectives include
developing scientific programs for INDOEX, integrating India's national
program, developing training and educational opportunities, and
establishing data protocols.

Participants from the U.S. include:
R. Bernstein (SeaSpace Corp.)
W. Collins (SIO)
R. Dirks (UCAR)
A. Heymsfield (NCAR)
T.N. Krishnamurti (FSU)
J.P. Kuettner (UCAR)
D. Lane (SIO)
D. Lubin (SIO)
H. Nguyen (SIO)
S. Pope (SIO)
J. Prospero (U. of Miami)
S. Raman (NCSU)
V. Ramanathan (SIO)
P. Rasch (NCAR)
G. Shaw (U. of Alaska)
A. Tuck (NOAA-Aeronomy Lab)
F.P.J. Valero (SIO)
S. Williams (UCAR)

Dr. Jay Fein of NSF will represent the federal agencies at the meeting.

A much needed and critical support provided by Dr. Marjorie Lueck of the
NSF International Office has made it possible for17 of the US participants
to attend the workshop.

Invited guests include:
H. Annegarn (Univ. of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
P. K. Bhartia (NASA)
M. Farook (Department of Meteorology, the Maldives)
M. Jury (Univ. of Zululand, South Africa)
R. Madala (ONR)
S. Sandgathe (ONR)
H. Virji (START)

Participants from Europe include:
R. Sadourny (Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique du CNRS)
P. J. Crutzen (Max-Plank Institute for Chemistry)
D. Kley (Inst. for Chemistry & Dynamics of the Geosphere)
H. Rodhe (Meteorology Dept., Stockholm University)
J. Heintzenberg (Institute for Tropospheric Research, Leipzig)

From India, Dr. A.P. Mitra is assembling a team of scientists, students,
post-doctoral researchers, and other invited guests.


Dr. A.P. Mitra from the National Physical Laboratory in New Delhi visited
C4 from November 4-8  to plan the integration of India's national INDOEX
program into the international INDOEX project.

Dr. K.S. Zalpuri from the National Physical Laboratory in New Delhi visited
C4 from November 4-12 to discuss the upcoming pre-INDOEX Cruise #120 of the
R/V Sagar Kanya and to be trained on several U.S. instruments that will be
used in that cruise.

Will Cantrell of the University of Alaska visited C4 from November 4-7 to
train scientists on the CCN Spectrometer, an instrument that will be used
in the upcoming cruise.

Jens Meywerk, a doctoral student with Prof. Grassl of the University of
Hamburg, will present,"Influence of Clouds on the Shortwave Spectral
Irradiance at the Sea Surface" on November 20.  He has been analyzing the
radiation flux data measured aboard the R/V Vickers during TOGA-COARE and
the Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment (CEPEX).


Suzanne Rupert, a graduate of Rice University in Geology and Geophysics,
and former database and imaging programmer with GDE Systems, recently
joined C4 as a computer programmer and analyst.  She will work with Prof.
Ramanathan on developing the C4 Integrated Data System (CIDS).


Chris Weaver defended his doctoral dissertation, "Dynamical and
Thermodynamical Control on Large-Scale Cloud Radiative Forcing Over
Northern Hemisphere Extratropical Oceans"  in October.  A student of Prof.
Ramanathan, he participated in the field phase and data analysis of CEPEX.

Yolande Serra defended her doctoral dissertation, "Small-Scale Tropical
Cumulus Cloud Systems and the Atmospheric Boundary Layer:  An Observational
Study" in November.  A student of Prof. R. Somerville of SIO Climate
Research Division, she participated in the CEPEX field phase and the CEPEX
data anlysis, and the CEPEX Workshop in Santa Fe in September 1994.