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June 14, 1996

In the midst of the warm and sunny summer days, we are busy welcoming
visitors, planning a summer course and hosting instuctors from local
community colleges.  Of course, we try to find an occasional opportunity to
gaze at the beautiful ocean, even if our surfboards have to stay dry.


Dr. G. S. Bhat from the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences in Bangalore will
be collaborating with Dr. Ramanathan and other C4 scientists on
INDOEX-related projects, during June-August (dates tentative).

Dr. Erwin Boer from Nissan Cambridge Basic Research in Cambridge,
Massachusetts will be working with Dr. Ramanathan on 3-D cloud modeling
from June 25-July 3.

Dr. Sandrine Bony from the Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique du CNRS in
Paris will be working on INDOEX related studies dealing with INSAT data
from June 16-July 8.

Dr. Antony D. Clarke from the School of Ocean and Earth Science and
Technology, University of Hawaii at Manoa will present a lecture,
"Tropospheric Aerosols:  Recent observations in pursuit of their origin,
evolution and radiative effects" on July 8.

Prof. James Coakley from June 16-28, will be working with Dr. Bill Collins
on CEPEX satellite-aircraft energy budget comparion, and pre-INDOEX cruise
#109 cloud structures.

Prof. Paul Crutzen, Director of the Department of Atmospheric Chemisty at the
Max-Planck Institute for Chemisty in Mainz, will visit from July 28-August
4 (possibly until August 10).

Dr. A. Jayaraman from the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad will
collaborate with Drs. Ramanathan and Woodbridge on the problem of
aerosol-radiative-climate interactions from June 25-July 24.

Dr. Jeff Kiehl, Director of the Climate Modeling Section at NCAR in
Boulder, will be the director of the July 1-19 summer course described

Prof. James McWilliams from the University of California, Los Angeles, will
also help conduct the summer course described below from July 14-19.

Dr. Larry Radke from NCAR RAF will work with Dr. Coakley on the use of the
WB57, and the development of the MCR and the extra lidar from June 26-28.

Richard van Hees, a Ph.D. student in Prof. Jos Lelieveld's group at the
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, University of Utrecht, will
work with Dr. Collins and Prof. Coakley to further develop and test his
algorithm to retrieve deep and mid-level convective cloud data from
satellite observations (June 22-July 20 at C4-SIO; July 21-August 4 in


C4 will sponsor a summer course in modeling the coupled atmosphere - ocean
system for 25 students, faculty and researchers from July 8 - 19.  Topics
of the lectures will include the observations of ocean and atmospheric
circulation, parameterization of the physical and dynamical coupling
processes and current topics in coupled ocean/atmospheric research.  Each
lecture will be
followed by a discussion on a publication or research topic relevant to the
lectures.  Focus of the discussions will be on coupled atmosphere-ocean
modeling.  In addition, lectures on related current research topics will be
given.  Lecturers will be experts in the fields from NCAR, UCLA and SIO.


C4 is starting a new program which awards summer research fellowships to
community college instructors.  The first two recipients are science
instructor Jonathan Cole of Mira Costa College and Robert Fremland,
chemistry professor at San Diego Mesa College.  Both will work with Dr.
Eric Woodbridge in the C4 Surface Observation Program and on modeling.  The
program duration is
June - August.

-----Have a great summer!