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C4's Commitment to Education

An important component of the C4 program is education. In addition to support for graduate students studying climate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Univer sity of California, San Diego, a high priority has been placed on kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) educational outreach. In cooperation with the Stephen Birch Aquarium-Museum's Department of Education, C4 has helped develop a curriculum, "Forecasting the Future, Exploring Evidence for Global Climate Change", which pro vides teachers with ways to integrate important climate concepts with the excitement of science.

"Forecasting the Future" is unique in that it focuses on how scientists know about global climate change as well as what is currently known. This emphasis on process and prob lem-solving helps demystify science, and teaches the power of an interdisciplinary ap proach. The synergism between C4 scientists and education experts ensures that the facts, concepts and methods that reach teachers and students are not only accurate and up-to-date, but also understandable and inspiring. "Forecasting the Future" has been accepted for publication by the National Science Teachers Association. Looking ahead, in response to teachers' preferences, effort is well underway for another curriculum ex ploring how interdisciplinary research has helped the understanding of the mechanics and effects of global climate change.

A new feature of C4's educational effort will be an on-line update of the latest news and research findings in global climate change posted on the Internet. Available by the Fall of 1995, this collaboration with the Aspen Global Change Institute and the US Global Change Research Program's Research and Information Office will provide teachers and students with the results of cutting edge climate research in quarterly updates, written in a form they can understand and utilize. Beyond its immediate educational goals, C 4's K-12 program also sets an example for bridging the gap between academic researchers and the public.

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